Vekka Group Oy

Vekka Group Oy handles bus traffic nationwide. The range of services includes local, school, and regional traffic and Charter trips. There are about 130 vehicles in traffic and about 170 employees. The equipment can be found all over Finland, and the northernmost vehicles are in Posio. Founded in 1931, the company aims to grow in the future.

Operations under control

Five years ago, it became necessary to consider acquiring an ERP system. It was known that there were systems, but when they were tested, it was found that none of them met the needs of the company. Excel and a paper notebook work well with a few cars and a small number of staff, but as the number of vehicles and people increased, the risk of errors increased, as did the extra work in administration.

The situation changed in 2021. Through our company’s internal tip, we became aware of the LogiApps system, and immediately after getting acquainted, we felt that this was for us,” says Keijo Koskinen, Traffic Director at Vekka Group.

LogiApps’ ease of use and especially the visual way of presenting things were perceived to streamline work. “With many of the systems tested, one had to bother his head to outline the situation of the day. The customizability of LogiApps makes it possible to perceive the situation at a glance”, Koskinen continues. “The designer has had a clear understanding of the industry, and LogiApps is suitable for managing every mode of transport, including passenger transport.”


With the experience of testing several systems, there were some fears associated with deployment. However, the worries proved futile. “You only have to use the program for a day, so you learn the use and clear logic,” says Koskinen. “Excellent production support helped over a few thresholds, and the service attitude has been really good. The attitude of why you call here has never been met, but they have really wanted to help us. All our questions have been answered.”

The multi-site structure did not cause any additional problems. “Each depot can safely make its own entries without fear of interfering with the activities of others.”


After introducing the system, our staff has praised the fact that it is now “modern”. Good usability of the program on a mobile phone is one of the great things that makes life easier. Remote access also helps office staff.

In a growth-oriented company, cost savings play an important role. LogiApps has helped with this by reducing the time it takes to pay salaries, for example. Today, the payroller gets all the information from the system “at the touch of a button,” which has speeded up payroll payment considerably. In addition, task management and shift planning have been simplified. At the same time, the possibility of making mistakes has been greatly reduced. For example, under the old system, two people could be booked to do the same job. With LogiApps, this problem has been completely eliminated.

“LogiApps is now developing us a new cost pool feature in the payroll, which makes it even easier to pay to salaries”, Koskinen concludes.