Fleet management allows you to control the entire fleet of the company along with its life cycle. The database can contain mobile equipment like cars, mobile cranes and trailers. In addition, the software can be used to manage other equipment like work machines, tanks, special transport trailers, modular axles, dollies, cranes, reach stackers, heaters or hauling equipment.

Fleet management functions include: 

  • A database containing basic information of the equipment
  • Equipment maintenance program 
  • Fault reporting and management 
  • Maintenance and repair planning, work supervision 
  • Maintenance and repair reporting and service records
  • Inspection management and reminders 
  • Tracking of equipment maintenance and repair costs
  • Vehicle fuel consumption monitoring

The best use of fleet management is achieved when vehicles and trailers use a telematics device supplied by LogiApps. When the device is connected to the vehicle’s FMS-bus, the system automatically reports mileage and can remind you of upcoming maintenance.