We can carry out software integrations in LogiApps as well as other software projects related to logistics. Together with our expertise, we utilise the software components and algorithms we have developed while building the LogiApps system.


For incoming transport orders, an automatic transfer from another system can be implemented, for example with EDI messages. We have implemented integrations with the following software systems:

  • Consignor
  • Leanware
  • Semnet
  • Unifaun
  • Ongoing WMS

Sales invoices can be transferred to the financial management software through integration. LogiApps has interfaces to the following financial management software:

  • Administer eFina
  • Fennoa
  • Heeros
  • Lemonsoft
  • Logica Sonet
  • Maestro
  • Microsoft Business Central
  • Passeli
  • Procountor
  • ProE
  • Talenom Online
  • Visma Nova
  • Visma Fivaldi
  • Visma Netvisor

Working time data can be transferred to the payroll software as interpreted by collective bargaining agreement. LogiApps has interfaces to the following payroll software:

  • Heeros
  • Lemonsoft
  • Mepco
  • Netvisor
  • Unes
  • Visma Fivaldi

We can also create interfaces to other systems upon request.

Software Projects

We also implement customized software projects and mobile applications. Examples of customised software projects:

  • Geofencing solution for monitoring airport maintenance vehicles 
  • Fleet management software for a factory 
  • Workforce planning software for a construction company