The LogiApps software has been developed by Silvasti Software Oy. Founded in 2008, the company has a strong background in information systems for transport and logistics.

The owner and CEO, Panu Silvasti, has more than 20 years of experience in software engineering and a D.Sc. degree in computer science. He began developing information systems for transport companies as early as the early 1990s. He was still in high school when he made FileMaker applications for Apple Macintosh computers. The LogiApp software was actually created when Panu programmed a browser-based dispatching and ERP system in Java for his family’s Silvast transport company in 2008. At that time, LogiApps was one of the first browser-based dispatching software solutions.

Panu has extensive knowledge of the transport industry, as he is a co-founder of Kuljetusliike  Ville Silvasti Oy and still a partner in the company and a member of the Board. The company has grown into the largest special transport company in the Nordics.

LogiApps remains the most important information system of the Silvasti transport company. The system is used in the planning and monitoring of transports and transport projects, in addition to fleet management. The operational capabilities of LogiApps are constantly being developed to meet the needs of Silvasti and more than 100 other customer companies. LogiApps strengths are the provisioning of ERP, fleet management and route optimisation functions provided by the same easy-to-use software solution.

Silvasti Software’s goal is to offer the best software service for transport companies in Finland and the Nordics. We also want to reduce the environmental impact of road transport by directing our customers to the more efficient use of equipment and resources while strengthening the competitive advantage of our customers.

Annual sales revenue of Silvasti Software is approximately 1,2MEUR and the rapidly growing company is profitable. The company employs 12 IT and logistics professionals.