WasteApp – Electronic waste transfer document

WasteApp enables paperless and easy-to-manage waste transfer operation: 

  • The waste transfer document can be created remotely at the office and there is no need to deliver a paper printout to the driver
  • The waste originator, driver and recipient have the same access to the same final waste transfer document that contains all the revisions made during the waste transfer process
  • Documents are archived electronically and can be found with the Search function
  • Reports can be created directly from document data
  • Waste transfer process can be followed in real-time, from start to end
  • Automatic forwarding of transfer documents to the national SIIRTO register

The system is meant for all operators who handle waste that require waste transfer documents. A waste transfer document is required for construction and demolition waste, hazardous waste, sludge or contaminated land, for example.

Activities for waste originator 

WasteApp enables the waste originator to electronically: 

  • Create a waste transfer document for the waste to be transported 
  • Assign waste transport to its contract carriers for transport 
  • Follow the progress of the transport 
  • Review comprehensive reports on transported waste quantities. 

Activities for waste recipient 

Waste recipient can electronically: 

  • Sign off on the waste transport and record the transport weight 
  • Attach a document or an image to the waste transfer document 
  • Review comprehensive reports on received waste quantities 

Mobile Application for driver 

The waste transfer document is delivered to the driver via the easy-to-use mobile application;

  • Information on the document can be reviewed and presented to the authorities if necessary
  • There is no need to fill in a paper form or send it to third parties
  • The time and location of the waste collection an offloading are saved with a single press of a button

Fulfil regulatory requirements 

The system has been designed in co-operation with management companies, transport companies and relevant authorities.

The system meets the requirements set for the waste transfer document in accordance with the Waste Act.

Customer reference 

Since January 2017, Delete Finland Oy has been using the WasteApp application to manage waste transports. 

“We have been happy with the start and the application has already saved us a lot of time and effort,”

says Petri Uomala, Delete’s Marketing Director. 

Contact information 

The system has been implemented by Silvasti Software Oy and Insinööritoimisto Gradientti Oy.

WasteApp is part of Silvasti Software’s LogiApps product family, which includes software for managing and monitoring road transports.

For more information about WasteApp and how to obtain it:

Silvasti Software Oy 


Insinööritoimisto Gradientti Oy 

Kirsti Määttä 
Managing director