LogiApps is an affordable software service with monthly usage-based rates that does not require a large investment. Deploying LogiApps can even be done in only few days.

Professional and friendly customer service is included in the price. LogiApps has a 30-day free trial.

Order a free trial

You can try out the software for free for 30 days. 

Free assistance

We will assist you in the use of LogiApps for free. For customers outside of Finland, we will preferably use remote meetings (with Teams or TeamViewer), but we can also visit you if you are located in Europe. 

Effortlessly to production

The system is taken into production with ease. The data that is entered into the system during the trial period, such as information on the trucks and drivers, will remain in the system. If you wish, we can also delete the data. Production use starts when we sign our service contract.



Product / service
LogiApps ERP 
  • management of orders
  • dispatching and invoicing
  • Android mobile application for the driver with work hour tracking
  • versatile reports 

Start-up fee 110 € / vehicle. 
Monthly fee 22–33 € / vehicle. 

Work hour tracking only

work hour tracking with the mobile application versatile reports 


Monthly fee 5,5 € / employee. 

Route optimisation 
  • calculates optimal route for several vehicles
  • time windows for pickups and deliveries
  • capacities, constraints and speed profiles for trucks 

Monthly fee 22–33 € / vehicle. 

Aplicom GPS tracking 

Aplicom unit 146 € or rent 6,2 € / month. Monthly fee starting from 13,8 € / unit (includes a SIM card) 

Remote download service of digital tachographs 
  • remote download of digital tachographs 
  • archival of data 
  • versatile reports 


Aplicom unit 210 € or rent 8,8 € / month. Monthly fee 8,8 € / unit (includes a SIM card)

Android GPS tracking
GPS tracking with LogiApps mobile application 


11 € a month per device (the price does not include a device or SIM card) 

The number of trucks for an invoicing period is calculated as the number of vehicles in the system at the beginning of the invoicing period.

The customer is invoiced according to the above principles. A minimum monthly charge of €220 per company applies.

The prices do not include value added tax (VAT). The invoicing period is 1 month, 2 months or 3 months.

For fleets with more than 30 vehicles and educational institutions we have special pricing available. Please contact us for more information.