LogiApps ERP

The application areas of LogiApps ERP are:

  • Road Transport of Goods 
    • Special transport, bulk liquid transport, container transport, food transport, package delivery transport, demountable platforms, waste transport, earthmoving, crane operators, etc.
  • Passenger Transport 
    • Bus companies and school transports 
  • Field Work 
    • Property management, cleaning services, installation and moving companies, road maintenance, transport escort vehicles

LogiApps was developed in close co-operation with experienced dispatchers and drivers. 


LogiApps has a visual calendar view for dispatching where the status of the entire fleet can be seen at a single glance. 

LogiApps features: 

  • Order management
  • Transport project management 
  • Resource planning
  • Work shift planning
  • Transport and route planning 
  • Dispatching tasks to driver’s mobile application or by SMS 
  • CMR waybills
  • Invoicing and interfaces to external accounting systems 
  • Versatile reports 

The browser-based LogiApps dispatching application can be used in the office, at home or even in a vehicle.

Mobile Application 

The dispatcher can send tasks and routes to the driver’s smartphone or tablet via the LogiApps mobile application. 

Examples of the features included in the mobile application: 

  • Alerts regarding new tasks or changes in current tasks or routes 
  • Transport instructions to the drivers (also supporting attachments)
  • Shows the route and provides navigation assistance 
  • Task reporting and creating new tasks 
  • Work hour tracking for payroll
  • Taking photos and scanning waybills  
  • Refuel reports and fuel consumption
  • Fault reporting of equipment
  • Safety observation reporting
  • Safety alerts
  • Saves GPS locations for real time tracking

The mobile application works in nearly all available Android and iOS phones and tablets.


LogiApps provides a streamlined process from receiving an order to invoicing.  

  • Every order and transport task is invoiced 
  • The invoices can be printed in LogiApps or transferred into an external accounting system via an integration. 

Work Hour Tracking 

LogiApps has a versatile and easy-to-use work hour tracking app for the driver. 

  • Drivers can track their work hours with the mobile application 
  • The time worked on each task is also tracked 
  • The office web application provides extensive reports, which can be exported into Excel 
  • Interfaces to external accounting or payroll systems 
  • The reports and payroll rules are customisable 

Cost Accounting 

LogiApps always has up-to-date information for transport cost accounting. 

  • A profit calculation for each transport can be generated from the system. 
  • The calculation is based on the sales and costs of each transport 
  • Cost accounting helps monitor business profitability and in pricing the transport services 

HSEQ – Health, Safety, Environment and Quality 

LogiApps has features to support occupational safety and quality control systems: 

  • Occupational Safety reports 
  • Reclamations 
  • Environment reports 
  • Incident reports 

CRM – Features for Sales and Marketing 

LogiApps also has features for managing customer relations. 

  • Customers and contacts 
  • Activities and tasks 
  • Inquiries and quotes 
  • Exporting addresses into an Excel workbook