What is the carbon footprint of your transport company?

What is the carbon footprint of your transport company?

Transport companies are increasingly being forced to take a stance on this question posed by customers. “The environmental goals set for transportation are no longer just political aspirations, instead, customers are demanding environmentally responsible transportation more and more,” says Panu Silvasti, the CEO of LogiApps.

In the coming years, transitioning to biofuels will help achieve a 50% emission reduction by 2030. Additionally, the fleet will be renewed to become more environmentally friendly within the decade. Today, improving the efficiency of transportation plays a crucial role in enhancing energy efficiency and reducing emissions.  LogiApps is a transportation company’s management system that enables the control, optimisation, and reporting of operational efficiency, which has a significant impact on the profitability of transportation and consideration of the environment.

As a new feature, LogiApps enables real-time tracking of fuel consumption, allowing for the examination of emissions on a per-transport basis. “We want our customers to be competitive and equipped with the best conditions to manage their operations with data. We see that emission issues are increasingly present in transportation calls to tender, and our mission is to provide as accurate information as possible. Based on this, our customers can respond to the growing demand for more environmentally friendly transportation,” Silvasti emphasises.

After extensive testing, the service is now being made available to transport companies as part of the LogiApps management system. The hardware requirement is to connect a Finnish Aplicom telematics device to the vehicle’s FMS interface. The efficiency comes from the fact that the same device both provides the vehicle’s location information and enables remote reading of the digital tachograph data. Silvasti Software’s goal is to provide the best software service for transportation companies. We aim to reduce the environmental impact of road transport by guiding our customers towards more efficient operations and fleet utilisation, thereby improving their profitability

Environmental issues are in line with effective operations.

“Efficiency in transportation and environmental issues support each other. This is a win-win situation for business owners and the environment.”

– Ville Silvasti

“Transparency and comparability in CO2 emission calculations will play a central role in future calls to tender.”

– Timo Reiman