Cookie policy

This cookie policy explains how we, Silvasti Software Oy, use cookies on our web pages. This policy gives you description how, when and why we use cookies.

General information about cookies 

We use cookies to better understand how our website operates and how it is used and to give users a unique user experience. We also want to enhance and make our website more user-friendly. We do not use cookies to collect personal information and we do not relay such information to a third party.

What kind of cookies we use and how? 

Google Analytics 

We use Google Analytics to collect information how our website is used. We collect information to ensure that our website structure gives users information they need and they can easily find it. We also use information to see what areas need further enhancements.

Google analytics saves data about your use of our web services, such as pages visited, for how long you stayed, where you came from and clicked links.


We use cookies to register, measure and develop possible client marketing and to identify companies visiting our website. 

Controlling cookies 

You can accept, remove or reject cookies in your browser. Please note that rejecting cookies may limit website functionality and the user experience. Settings for administering cookies varies from browser to browser, please visit help section of your browser for more information.

More information about cookies can be obtained, for example, from the website of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority: