M. Korkiakoski Oy

“The designers of LogiApps have clearly worked in the transport industry and really listened to clients.” 

Based in Raahe, Finland, M. Korkiakoski Oy has approximately 20 tanker lorries and provides transport services primarily to the chemical and metal industries in the Nordic countries. 

Subsidiary Korella Oy provides sawmill industry byproduct and timber transport services and various charter cargo services. 

“We were looking for a process management solution since everything was so disorganised before we got one. Information was not flowing and data transfers even within the company took an inordinate amount of work. Now even if a transport operator was to fall ill or a vehicle break down, there’s no longer any doubt as to whether the necessary information is forwarded. All the information is safely stored in the cloud and we have an uninterrupted information chain. 

Before, at the turn of each month, when our vehicles might be strewn all over Finland, we sometimes had to spend a lot of time hunting down waybills. A colleague of mine recommended LogiApps upon seeing all the anguish I was putting myself through, saying that the way I was doing things was simply not working. There were also other options on the table, but our choice was cinched by the total cost and the fact that LogiApps was so specifically designed for the transport business. It simply had the best features for the job. 

The creators of LogiApps have had the expertise to think about what the transport industry needs – it includes just the right features and nothing unnecessary. I take my hat off to the software engineers! They have clearly worked in the transport industry and really listened to clients. 

Immediate cost savings equalling several working days per month 

The deployment of the software went well. Right from the start, it eliminated several days’ worth of unnecessary work, which has a monetary value as well. All that hurry and stress – that crazy hullabaloo – went away thanks to LogiApps, which is what I appreciate the most. Now we no longer need to handle paper waybills here at the office at all, as drivers enter all the necessary delivery information into the system themselves. 

The software is very simple to use. All the drivers quickly picked up on it in practice. We’ve made it so that all the necessary information can be entered by smartphone, which has worked well so far. Just recently we also added tablets to new vehicles and implemented fixed tracking devices. 

This has been a profitable investment for us. Looking back, I don’t understand how we ever managed to do all this without an ERP system like this. The software has also reduced the transport operator’s work, as they no longer need to constantly be on the phone with drivers, but can instead see on a map where all the drivers are and how many hours of work they have left for the day. With this information, the transport operator can efficiently plan routes and timetables, reducing the need to make unnecessary phone calls. 

LogiApps also shows the length of breaks recorded by tachographs, for example. And if a client calls to check when their delivery will arrive, the transport operator can check it directly from the system with just a couple of mouse clicks. This also speeds up our customer service. 

LogiApps improved vehicle use rates 

The delivery calendar in LogiApps is tremendously important, simply great, as is the time management feature. They allow us to prepare effective timetables and weekly rhythms, and also ensure the efficient use of our vehicles. All we have to do is enter everything into the system, including invoicing information, and we can see exactly how everything goes together. LogiApps also includes excellent work hour tracking features. We also have an API in LogiApps for our accounting firm, so they have immediate access to all the information necessary for both the payment of wages and invoicing. Since information is constantly provided in real time, there are no longer any delays in either. 

We maintain lists of all our vehicles and drivers and things like electronic vehicle maintenance record books and defect notices in LogiApps. If a driver submits a defect notice, we know immediately here at the office that the vehicle needs to be taken to a repair shop. 

Quick solutions to any encountered problems 

LogiApps’ developer, Silvasti Software, have been very receptive to our wishes. For example, they created an electronic fuel log for us on very short notice. These are the little things that have a big impact. They are also easy to reach. They’ve always picked up the phone when we’ve had problems and quickly gotten back to us with a solution. We’ve always been able to handle everything remotely, even though they’ve offered to come by in person as well – there simply hasn’t been any need to do so. 

LogiApps is ideal for transport companies of pretty much any size – that’s what it’s designed for. If you have temporary drivers working for you and need work hour and vehicle tracking, for example, it provides you with all the services you need right away.” 

Keywords: enterprise resource planning system for the transport industry, work hour tracking, positioning system